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Admin Manager

Simplify the management of employees' certificates and competences


With Admin Manager, you can easily monitor your employees' courses and certificates. Order new courses directly and send out login details. Create reports to structure your company's different departments or branches.

Benefits as an administrator


Buy course licenses easily and conveniently

In admin manager you can purchase course licenses for your groups you have created easily and smoothly. We know that training needs can come suddenly and it is important that you as an administrator can let the employee train quickly if the need arises.


Registering new students and sending out lost login credentials

After purchasing a course license on the website, you as an Administrator can easily distribute login details and register the employee on the course. If the employee has forgotten their login, you can send out new login details.


Monitor course progress / Download certificates

Monitor your employees' course progress and competences to ensure they have the right skills for the job. Download certificates


Create order within the organization

Create order and structure your organization by assigning different administrators to different branches and departments. With admin manager, you can have an unlimited number of administrators for your different departments. This greatly simplifies the management of employee training.

Create order with Admin Manager

Take the hassle out of keeping track of employees' certificates and competences. Save time and money by gathering all certificates in one place.

Technology and Education

We combine the best of technology with pedagogy to create an educational, interactive and engaging online experience. Take control of your skills challenges today!

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