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E-Truck / Lift Theory training

The Future Solution For Truck and Lift Trainers

Welcome to Kravkompetens, the leader in digital forklift theory training. Our mission is to revolutionize the way forklift training is conducted. With our e-truck theory training, forklift trainers can now provide their students with a comprehensive, flexible and modern online learning experience. In combination with your teacher-led practice. 

Why choose our E-Truck Theory course?



Students can complete the theory at their own pace and on their own schedule. No matter the time or place, all they need is an internet connection.



Our course is designed by industry experts with decades of experience. Each module is pedagogically structured to ensure a deep understanding of every aspect of forklift theory.



With digital theory training, you minimize administration costs and can focus on delivering the best practical training on site. With the best prices on the market, you can also save on expenses.


Admin portal for total overview

Our admin tool allows you to monitor participants' progress, certificates and much more.

Price list

Reduced premises costs: Offering the theory online reduces the need for physical training facilities.

Technology and Education

We combine the best of technology with pedagogy to create an educational, interactive and engaging online experience.

Continuous Update:

We are committed to continuous updating and improvement. Our course always reflects the latest trends, research and regulations in the trucking industry.

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Here's how it works

  1. Register Your Training Center: Contact us to become a certified partner and get access to our e-truck theory training.
  2. Give your students access: Once you have become a partner, you can easily register your students to the courses.
  3. Students Complete the Theory Online: Your students will have unlimited access to the course material. They can study, take tests and prepare for the practical training.
  4. On-site training: After completing the theoretical part, you can focus on giving them the best practical experience at your training center.
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