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Get started with public procurement with this web-based basic course that you can re-pace. For those who want to learn the rules and regulations of the LOU in particular. Start right away!

Public Procurement Act LOU e-learning/web training

Are you planning to successfully compete for government contracts or have you recently started working as a procurement contractor? Then you need to know the basics of the Public Procurement Act (2016:11 5).

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  • The course is given as e-learning / web training
  • Time required: Equivalent to a full day on site (recommended time allocated is about 3-4 hours online).
  • Access to the course 365 days after purchase
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Public Procurement Act LOU e-learning/web training

LOU Education Online

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When the public sector purchases goods, services or works, it often does so through a public procurement process. Public procurement (LOU) is a statutory purchasing process designed to ensure that public purchases are opened up to competition and that public money is used as efficiently as possible.

Who is LOU online training aimed at?

The training is aimed at those who come into contact with LOUs either as a procurer, consultant or contractor. Suitable for those who are buyers, tenderers or consultants who carry out or participate in procurement. As well as others who need information on the basics of the law. The course is suitable for both purchasers and suppliers.


Following LOU training online

After the course, you should understand how the public procurement framework works and gain a better knowledge and understanding of the law. With a focus on construction contracts and construction consultancy services, we will give you the right knowledge to carry out your assignment, conduct perfect tenders and be a winner both as a purchaser and a contractor. You will gain a solid foundation with practical and theoretical understanding of how the LOU interacts with contracts in the consultancy and construction field.

LOU Training Online Content

The course is divided into 15 parts and contains the following course elements:

  • Public Procurement Act (2016:1145)
  • Different procedures
  • General provisions
  • Threshold
  • Framework contracts, central purchasing bodies and other coordinated procurement
  • Technical requirements
  • Advertising and Deadlines
  • Communication, Documentation and Qualification
  • Special conditions
  • Direct procurement
  • Contractual block and Appeal
  • Unfair competition
  • Corruption in public procurement
  • For you as an entrepreneur
  • How is public procurement done?



No prior knowledge required.

LOU Training Time required

Equivalent to 1 day on site- About 4-6 hours

Security for you as a client

At Krav Kompetens you can always feel safe. Krav kompetens offers LOU training that is developed with the latest requirements and maintains a high level of content.

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  1. Non-discrimination. The principle of non-discrimination prohibits discrimination against suppliers on the grounds of their nationality, such as citizenship, country of establishment or country of operation. ...
  2. Equal treatment. ...
  3. Proportionality. ...
  4. Openness. ...
  5. Mutual recognition.

Public procurement is regulated by the Public Procurement Act (2016:11 5). The basic principles of public procurement are objectivity and transparency. Contracting authorities must not be loyal to their country or to previous suppliers.

The Public Procurement Act applies to the procurement of works, goods and services. Public procurement rules are based on EU directives, which are an important part of promoting the free movement of goods and services within the EU.

The LOU course is entirely web-based, which means that you as a participant can take it at your own pace at any time of the day. The course teaches you the basics of the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145),

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Very good training. Clear descriptions and briefings.
Clear briefing, easy to understand, one of the better courses I have attended😀
Jörgen Nilsson
Thought it was great!
Jari bodies
Really good! Be able to sit at home in peace and quiet
Good structure and pedagogically good and convenient to be able to take it when you have time.
Pär lindegren
Very easy to understand the content and no technical problems
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