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  • The course is designed to fulfill the requirements of ADR 1.3 according to the MSb as well as the IMDG Code. It provides you with an insight and knowledge of handling dangerous goods and the risks and hazards associated with the goods handled.
  • Access to the course material is given immediately after purchase.
  • The online course can be completed at your own pace at any time of the day.
  • Time required: 2-3 hours
  • Language: English
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IMDG Code ADR 1.3 | Dangerous Goods by Sea and Road

Our Dangerous Goods Awareness Training is a basic introduction to the maritime and road regulations for transporting dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods Awareness is hugely beneficial in helping all employees to recognise potentially dangerous goods that they may come into contact with in their working environment. By being familiar with the regulations, labels and hazard classes, your employees can ensure that any dangerous goods that are found; are handled by a certified member of the team. Our Dangerous Goods Awareness ensures that employees understand that they need to be certified to handle, pack or complete dangerous goods documentation. Make sure your company is compliant.

Who should take this course?

The General Awareness of the Transport of Dangerous Goods course is aimed at those who need to become familiar with the rules governing the transport of dangerous goods and an awareness of the duties that flow from them. The General Awareness Course on the Transport of Dangerous Goods fully meets the training requirements of of the IMDG Code (Amendment 40-20), of the ADR Agreement

Course contents

  1. - The legal framework supporting maritime and road rules
  2. - UN number & correct shipping name
  3. - The 9 classes of dangerous goods
  4. - Packing groups
  5. - Packaging & UN specification packaging
  6. - Send small quantities of dangerous goods
  7. - Marking and labelling of dangerous goods
  8. - Overview of documentation
  9. - Posters for containers and vehicles
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