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This course replaces previously called work on road level 1. Everyone who performs the work on the road that has been procured by the Swedish Transport Administration must have a general basic competence consisting of Step 1.1.

Examples of jobs where the general basic competence is sufficient are jobs that are to a lesser extent affected by passing vehicle traffic, for example:

Tunnel work with associated work before loading traffic.
Bridge constructions with associated work before the introduction of traffic.
Assembly of and service of plant parts etcetera.

(If you are to work next to a passing road, in addition to 1.1, you must also obtain competence for Work on Road 1.3)

This course is based on TDOK 2018: 0371, TDOK 2018: 0372 and contains parts such as:

Laws and regulations
Personal protective equipment.
Definitions of the different zone divisions in a workplace.
Road user behavior.
Speed ​​and collision violence.
information on AML and its regulations, including risk analysis. The role of the Swedish Transport Administration, the traffic engineer and the project manager, in the object.
The employer’s role and protective organization in the object

The web training presents, among other things, laws and regulations for people who perform road work and how rules are to be applied to various jobs. You also get an understanding of the risks involved in road work and how they can be prevented to make you a safe employee.

First select the number of participants and proceed to the checkout page. There you fill in your company’s information and the participant (s). After the order is placed, a link with login information is sent to the participants. If you need help ordering the course, do not hesitate to chat or call us.