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Target group:

The course is aimed at anyone who uses lifting equipment in their work, such as load switchers and signalmen, or those who will use e.g. traverses, mobile cranes, tower cranes, column lifts, telehandlers. The course is also aimed at supervisors and safety representatives who should be able to plan the work with and around the lifting devices.

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Who is the Safe Lift online course for?

Since 2007, the Swedish Work Environment Authority has required that all crane operators, load-switchers and signallers are trained to use lifting devices and lifting equipment. Requirements Competence training in safe lifting gives the participant the right knowledge to prevent accidents and reduce the risks of ill health and accidents in the workplace. The risks associated with lifting devices require documented training and a driving licence in accordance with AFS 2006:6, § 29. The training is called Safe Lifting and can be done as an online training.

Written permission needed for the job when using lifting devices

Workers and temporary workers must have written approval from their employer or hirer to use a powered lifting device. The authorisation must specify the types of lifting devices, lifting accessories and tasks to which it applies. By attending the Safe Lifting Requirements Competence Course, you will receive a written and digital certificate of completion immediately upon completion.

Section 16 An employer who allows an employee or temporary worker to use work equipment in accordance with section 15 shall have documentation of the employee’s practical and theoretical knowledge with regard to the safe use of the equipment. A worker who is not covered by the first paragraph but who uses work equipment as referred to in section 15 at a common workplace shall have the corresponding documentation available at the workplace.

Accident statistics

Every year, the Swedish Work Environment Authority receives around 700 reports of accidents at work involving the use of lifting equipment. Approximately half of the reported lost-time accidents result in sick leave of more than 14 days.

Target group for the Safe Lifting online course

This course in safe lifting is aimed at anyone who uses lifting equipment in their work, such as load switchers and signalmen, as well as people who will use different types of lifting devices such as traverses, mobile cranes, tower cranes, column lifts and telehandlers. It is also suitable for supervisors and safety representatives who are responsible for planning work with and around lifting devices.

Secure Lyft online course content


  • Secure Lyft – Overview/intro
  • Laws and regulations – As a member of the European Union (EU), Sweden must transpose EC directives into Swedish regulations.
    The EU rules for workers’ safety and health are set out in a framework directive which provides the basic
    rules for safety at work.
  • Risks – Accidents and incidents occur when lifting devices are used incorrectly. This may involve using a lifting device more frequently or for heavier loads than intended. Lifting devices have a limited lifetime depending on the time and method of use.
  • Examination & risk assessment – Section Working conditions must be examined and risks assessed when lifting devices and equipment are to be used.
  • Lifting equipment – We go through different lifting equipment and what they are used for and how they are connected.
  • Maintenance & inspection – A lifting device and a lifting accessory must be maintained and subjected to continuous supervision and daily
    checks when in use.
    A lifting accessory must be inspected and function tested each time it is put into service after having been
  • Systematic work environment management – Good working conditions and a good working environment benefit everyone and are something that everyone in the workplace must
    contribute to achieving. It can be about creating order and routines and agreeing on what
    what applies.
  • Signals & Equipment – Section Employers and hirers must ensure that workers
    are fully and repeatedly informed and instructed about the signs, the
    markings and signals used in the workplace

After the Safe Lift online course

Employers can easily order the course for their employees by selecting the number of participants and filling in the participants’ details on the checkout page. Employers can also view participants’ progress and certificates of competence through our administrator portal.

For larger groups, we also offer bulk discounts on orders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email or phone, we will be happy to help with further information.

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